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Career kick-start at Forschungszentrum Jülich

We offer opportunities for all ages: from starting out on your career right down to further professional development. Discover the opportunities:

Experimenting at the schools laboratory

Become a researcher: at the JuLab schools laboratory with its hands-on experiments, there is lots to learn and discover for young and old alike. Come and join us!


Vocational training

Are you looking for vocational training with prospects or for a dual studies course which leads to a vocational qualification as well as an academic degree? Why not take a look behind the scenes and learn more about interesting dual study programmes at Jülich, fascinating skilled occupations, and placement opportunities?


Opportunities for doctoral researchers and postdocs

You have a bright mind and fresh ideas? You want to know what comes after your studies? Come and discover the opportunities for doctoral researchers and postdocs at the graduate schools BioSC, BioSoft, German Research School, and HITEC, the multiple-location research network JARA (Jülich Aachen Research Alliance), and the doctoral researchers’ initiative DocTeam!


Young or experienced professionals

Are you a young professional? Or do you already have experience under your belt? If you are looking for an exciting job with a variety of development opportunities, come and talk to us to learn more about working in science, research management, or the administrative and technical infrastructure. You will also gain insights into our working conditions and our commitment to reconciling work and family life and get to know our Sustainable Campus.


Why it’s so special: working at Jülich

Between 11:00 and 16:00 you will have the opportunity to listen to short talks describing what makes researching and working at Jülich so special.