A varied programme awaits visitors young and old. Experience Forschungszentrum Jülich with all its facets and research areas.



The programme of activities will be hosted by Esther Brandt and Johannes Döbbelt

10:00 Aixotic Sambistas
Hot rhythms played by samba music group

10:15 Introduction to Open Day
Open Day on campus

10:30 Aixotic Sambistas
Hot rhythms played by samba music group

10:45 ShowLabor
Marvel, laugh, and understand with Felix Homann

11:15 Paradise At Midnight
Captivating beats provided by the music students of Folkwang UdK

12:00 Experimentation means change
WDR 5 experiments – with Sascha Ott

12:30 Welcome address
by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Marquardt
Chair of the Board of Directors of Forschungszentrum Jülich

13:00 ShowLabor
Marvel, laugh, understand with Felix Homann

13:30 Experimentation means change
WDR 5 experiments – with Sascha Ott

14:00 Paradise At Midnight
Captivating beats provided by the music students of Folkwang UdK

14:30 Upcycling for the transformation
Creating a custom built greenhouse

14:45 ShowLabor
Marvel, laugh, understand with Felix Homann

15:15 Aixotic Sambistas
Hot rhythms played by samba music group

15:30 Experimentation means change
WDR 5 experiments – with Sascha Ott

16:15 Paradise At Midnight
Captivating beats provided by the music students of Folkwang UdK

17:00 End of stage programme


04.6 How greenhouse gases are distributed across the world
Weather balloon launch times: 11:00 | 13:00 | 14:00 | 15:30
Flight data will be transmitted in real time to the tent in building 05.6
Stratosphere (IEK-7)

04.8 Analytics: tracing processes in the world of tomorrow

05.6 How greenhouse gases are distributed across the world
Stratosphere (IEK-7)
Climate Change: Information
Through our research at IEK, we are attempting to gain a better understanding of important processes concerning climate change.  However, many facts about climate change are already well-established
At IEK-7’s climate change information stand, we will particularly focus on the following aspects:
* What are the indisputable facts about climate change?
* What can be found in the latest IPCC assessment report?
* Science and climate change denial: facts to counter spurious arguments* What can we do to tackle climate change?

05.6 Research up in the air: will we still be able to breathe freely in future?
Troposphere (IEK-8)

06.12 How plants are changing
Plant Sciences (IBG-2)

16.6 No future without soil
Agrosphere (IBG-3)


01.3 Innovative materials for the energy transition
Materials Synthesis and Processing (IEK-1)

02.16 Harnessing solar energy – not just on the roof!
Photovoltaics (IEK-5)

03.1 Hydrogen – discovering a carbon-neutral future
Sustainable Hydrogen Economy (INW)

03.1 Cutting-edge technology for a changing society
Engineering and Technology (ZEA-1)

03.2 Experience the transformation of the energy system
Techno-Economic Systems Analysis (IEK-3)

03.2 Systems solutions for a sustainable energy supply
Electrochemical Process Engineering (IEK-14)

04.7 Electric! insights into the batteries of the future
Ionics in Energy Storage (IEK-12/HI MS)

04.7 Energy systems in transition: Society and technology
Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation (IEK-STE)

04.11 Our campus as a living laboratory for future energy systems
Living Lab Energy Campus (LLEC)

09.8 The engine room of structural change and the energy transition
Fundamental Electrochemistry (IEK-9)

10.1 Energy of the future: fusion – the power source of the stars
Plasma Physics (IEK-4)

14.6 Theory and simulation for the energy of the future
Theory and Computation of Energy Materials (IEK-13)

16.15 Design and operation of smart energy systems
Energy Systems Engineering (IEK-10)


02.5 The world of chips – a science for you
Electronic Systems (ZEA-2)

03.6 Building computers with molecules
Quantum Nanoscience (PGI-3)

04.6 Computer: are you just calculating or are you learning?
Electronic Materials (PGI-7)

04.7 Crowds in action – the dynamics of fires
Civil Safety Research (IAS-7)

04.8 Quantum laboratory materials: exoticness in everyday work
Quantum Theory of Materials (PGI-1/IAS-1)

04.8 Quantum computers – a glimpse into the future
Quantum Computing Analytics (PGI-12)
Functional Quantum Systems (PGI-13)

04.8 JuSPARC: high-performance lasers for information research
Electronic Properties (PGI-6)

16.4 Supercomputing in transition: AI, quantum computers, exascale
Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC)


04.6 (Bio)macromolecular systems and processes in everyday life
Biomacromolecular Systems and Processes (IBI-4)

04.7 Do the brain and hormones influence our social behaviour?
Presentation at 15:00 (room 338)
Brain Structure–Function Relationships (INM-10)

04.7 Bioelectronics: nerve cells communicate with chips
Bioelectronics (IBI-3)

04.8 Self-organization in biology and physics
Theoretical Physics of Living Matter (IBI-5/IAS-2)

05.2 Extremely cool: microscopes for molecular machines
Ernst Ruska-Centre – Structural Biology (ER-C-3)

05.11 Molecular bioinformatics: from gene to material
Bioinformatics (IBG-4)

15.2 Can we decode the blueprint of the brain?
Structural and Functional Organization of the Brain (INM-1)

15.2 The brain in action!
Cognitive Neuroscience (INM-3)

Tent behind 15.3 Hot on the trail of the life sciences
External Funding Management (D)/BIO.NRW

15.2 Cutting-edge brain imaging
Medical Imaging Physics (INM-4)

15.2 What your brain reveals about you
Brain and Behaviour (INM-7)

15.4 Modern cell factories: from gene to product
Biotechnology (IBG-1)

15.8 Biotechnology – omnipresent and useful
Molecular Enzyme Technology (IMET)

15.9 Glimpse into the brain – how and why?
Molecular Organization of the Brain (INM-2)

15.13 Bio-organics: chemistry and biology hand in hand
Bioorganic chemistry (IBOC)

15.19 Radioactive spies in the brain
Nuclear Chemistry (INM-5)

16.11 Investigating SARS-CoV-2 and Alzheimer’s etc. with 28 tesla
Structural Biochemistry (IBI-7)

16.15 Computer simulations: the future of biomedicine?
Computational Biomedicine (INM-9/IAS-5)


04.8 Neutrons and more – making the invisible visible
Neutron Scattering and Soft Matter (JCNS-1) / Neutron Scattering and Biological Matter (IBI-8)

04.8 New pathways into the quantum world
Quantum Materials and Collective Phenomena (JCNS-2/PGI-4)

05.2 Tiny structures create huge changes
Ernst Ruska-Centre: Physics of Nanoscale Systems (ER-C-1) / Materials Science and Technology (ER-C-2)

07.1 The mystery of our existence – questions of particle physics
Nuclear Physics (IKP)


04.7 People @Forschungszentrum Jülich
Equal Opportunities Bureau (BfC)

04.7 Careers at FZJ – help us to shape change!
Human Resource Development and Recruiting (P-E)

04.11 Experience science – help shape the future
JuLab Schools Laboratory (SL)

04.11 Start your training or dual study programme with us!
Vocational Training Centre (P-Z)


03.9 Forschungszentrum Jülich’s energy supply in transition
Planning and Building Services (B)
Building and Engineering Services (T)

03.21 Science builds bridges
National and International Relations (UE-B)

03.21 Sustainability at Forschungszentrum Jülich
Innovation and Strategy (UE-I)

03.21 Strategies for diversity & inclusion
Support for Young Researchers (UE-N)

04.1 A good meal before the research tour
Seecasino (M-SV)

04.3 Making room for the future
Jülicher Entsorgungsgesellschaft für Nuklearanlagen mbH (JEN)

04.3 Radiation, humans, and environment
Safety and Radiation Protection (S)

04.7 Jülich’s guard dog unit in action 10:30/12:00/13:30/15:30
Site Security (S-O)

04.7 Physics and music – From a garden hose to a trombone
Presentation at 11:00 and 14:00 (room 338)
Experimental Hadron Dynamics (IKP-2)

04.7 Research café – Put your questions to scientists
From 11:00 to 14:40

Corporate Development (UE)

04.7 Publications – the currency of science
Central Library (ZB)

04.7 Experience research for a changing society
Dialogue/interaction in the Central Library (ZB)

04.7 Getting young and old moving
The “Kleine Füchse” daycare centre

12.11 A close look at the work of the Works Fire Brigade
Works Fire Brigade (S-F)

15.3 Adventure course: how money is invested in research
Project Management Jülich (PtJ)

15.3 Inclusion 2.0/understanding inclusion
Representatives for persons with disabilities (SBV)



04.7 Photo booth
For snapshots of the day

04.7  What I wish for the region...
Formulating wishes on PET bottles and using them to build a greenhouse

(In building 04.7 and in the greenhouse on the lawn in front of the building)

16.15 Fun and games for children
Sports Association (BSG)

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