Shaping change

Wandel gestalten

Digitalization, climate change and the transformation of the energy system present us as a society with many challenges and raise questions for the future:

How will climate change impact my city?
What does the future hold for the region without energy produced from coal?
How will a quantum computer change my life?

These are also questions to which we seek to find the answers here at Forschungszentrum Jülich. Our home is located in a region currently undergoing a transformation – moving away from lignite towards sustainable value chains. It is our mission to ensure that our research makes a decisive contribution to change and helps to establish a promising future.

Research makes an impact

The fact that we are shaping change means that our research is having an impact. What this looks like in concrete terms – i.e. how we ensure that our research findings can be utilized by society, politics, and industry – is something you can experience first-hand on Open Day. Come and talk to our researchers and ask the questions that you want answered. The videos below, in which the scientists describe their research and work, should hopefully awaken your curiosity.

Last Modified: 23.08.2022